• SkyBest TV offers superior picture quality due to a process called ‘digital turn-around,' which means we don't compress our TV signal. You will receive the same great digital signal at home that the actual channel content providers send to SkyBest. Most TV providers don't offer that service. It's only possible because of SkyLine's innovative fiber-optic network.
  • Enjoy the excellent local customer service and technical support for TV that you receive with your phone and broadband services. When you have a question about your TV service or need support, you can count on a prompt, knowledgeable response from your friends and neighbors at SkyLine/SkyBest.
  • SkyZhone HD Channels 1 and 1001 feature truly local programming that is not available from any other TV provider, including high school sports, area news and community events, such as parades and festivals.
  • SkyBest TV offers three levels of programming packages designed with our customers in mind. Check closely, you'll be pleased to see that we have included all your favorites and less of those channels that you never really watch!
  • Enjoy the convenience of only one bill for phone, broadband and television. You can pay online, by mail or in person at your local SkyLine/SkyBest Customer Service Center.
  • Since SkyBest TV is provided over our reliable fiber-optic network, customers will not experience the same weather-based problems that satellite TV customers experience.
  • SkyBest TV features an exclusive 24/7 local weather channel.  Channel 26 in our Digital Plus pak offers detailed local weather 24 hours a day for Ashe, Alleghany, Avery and Watauga counties in North Carolina and Shady Valley, Tennessee.  
  • By subscribing to SkyBest TV, you are supporting your community! SkyLine/SkyBest is a locally-owned and –operated cooperative employing more than 100 professionals. Every year, SkyLine/SkyBest makes significant contributions to worthy community causes – such as area school systems, youth programs, hospitals and other non-profit organizations.  A portion of profits are also returned to members in the form of capital credit refunds.


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