Effective February 29, A&E Networks is rebranding H2 (Channels 102 and 1102) to Viceland, which will be moved to channels 159 and 1159 on SkyBest TV’s Premier Package. H2’s higher rated series such as “Ancient Aliens,”“Modern Marvels” and “The Universe” are moving to History Channel, which is on SkyBest TV Channels 101 and 1101 in the Plus Package.  Other content will be discontinued.

Viceland’s content is significantly different than H2. It is described as targeting a new generation of TV viewers, offering original content with a bold, distinctive voice made by and for young people. If you would like to block Viceland or any specific channel from your TV, please follow the instructions located at http://www.skybesttv.com/parental-controls.




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NC Residential Line-up Alleghany (rev. 8/05/16)
NC Residential Line-up Ashe, Avery & Watauga (rev. 8/05/16)
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NC Small Business Line-up Ashe, Avery & Watauga (rev. 8/05/16)
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NC Hospitality Business Line-up Ashe, Avery & Watauga (rev. 8/05/16)

TN Residential Line-up (rev. 8/05/16)
TN Small Business Line-up (rev. 8/05/16)
TN Hospitality Business Line-up (rev. 8/05/16)



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